A levél!

Már régóta terveztük, most a tettek mezejére léptünk! Régen jelentkeztem már új cikkel, de azért nem a babérjaimon ültem, várva azt, hogy valami történjen az amerikai bíróságon, hogy mi is lesz a jövő évaddal kapcsolatban. Az elmúlt napok, illetve hetek azzal teltek, hogy szabadidőmben kitaláljam, hogyan is próbáljuk felvenni a kapcsolatot a kintiekkel. Most végre elkészült a levél amelyet postára adtunk és várhatjuk a választ a megkeresésünkre. A labda már a Pittsburgh Steelers sajtóosztályának térfelén pattog, de remélem nem kell hónapokat várni a válaszra. Most olvashatjátok a levelet, akár eredeti nyelven is: Dear Officer! My name is Laszlo Kuhn. I am from Budapest, Hungary, Europe. I am writing to you because I would like to estabilish a relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have founded a homepage in 2008 thar is called steelers.hu, where we try to give new information to the Hungarian Steelers fans on a daily basis about interesting things that happen to the team. We are trying to make the homegape more colorful more interesting with analyzing the games regularly. At first we watched the games together at home and talked about them on the internet while watching. After a while we organized meetings where we watched the games together on TV. We ordered many things from steelers.com several times. We saw numerous times that the Steelers players participate in charity events and insired by that we brought an original Terrible Towels to a handicapped boy. We managed to became on good terms with the Hungarian commentators of the games so we could get some fresh information from Dallas about the Super Bowl XLV. Currently we are writing about the draft on the homepage and we are presenting the most interesting games from the 70s to the Hungarian fans so that they could get a full view about the times when your great sport was unavailable for us. Only 10milion people live in Hungary where the most popular sport is the soccer but more and more people watch american football. Live broadcastings from the USA started only in 2005 and because of the different time zones are in, we watch at night. Despite that, we watched the Super Bowl XLV together in a restaurant in Budapest. Almost a hundred fans were there. Some of us have already been in Pittsburgh; I was at the Kick Off game int he 2010 season. Based ont he homepage a club was founded that already has 300 members and we expect this number to grow int he future. This is the result of a one-year work because we have been making the homepage for a year. 4-500 people visits the homepage every day whose interests we are trying to keep up. This is a huge achievement for us and our goal int he long term is that we become the biggest fan club in Europe. We would appriciate your help in following issues We would like to be an official fan club which is approved by you. This is a huge step for us because a news like this would attract a lot of people. A good example is that the Hungarian homepage of Patriots got partner status and currently the New England Patriots is the most popular team in Hungary. We would like to publish the official articles on steelers.hu (translated into Hungarian, of course), and make it possible to watch the videos from steelers.com on our website. We would appriciate if we could get the interviews of the players and  had the opportunity to ask them questions occasionally. Thanks in advance for your help in making our homepage better. You can contact me via email:…. Best Regards